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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Next blockbuster movies of Vadivelu

Indiralokathil Na Azhagappan

Comedian Vadivelu's second film as hero. His first movie as hero was "Imsai arasan 23 am Pulikesi" was a super duper hit. He is now working in Indiralokathil Na.Azhagappan as hero. Vadivelu plays 3 different roles in this movie. Director of this film is Ramaiyah. Vadivelu plays as "Indran", "Yeman" and a normal human character. Art Director is Thotta Dharani, Gopinath is the cameraman. Sabesh - murali composed music. Detta Sharma is the heroine.

Indiralokathil Na Azhagappan is another fantasy comedy where Vadivelu is all set on success lane. Indiralogathil na azhagappan is rumoured to be one of the costliest comedy film with sets put up by Thotta Tharani costing a whopping Rs 5 to 7 crore. Vadivelu is said to have charged Rs 2.25 crore as payment. He has given bulk dates and is also providing a lot of input in the film.

Arai Enn 305il kadavul

The title is different, will the film be ? We have to wait and see, but we hope it will be a success, because Director Simbudevan who gave us a super hit movie "Imsai Arasan 23am Pullikesi" in a historical background with comedy king Vadivelu is now ready for his next film "Arai Enn 305il Kadavul" ( Room number 305il Kadavul ). Again his guru Shankar is the producer, Comedians Santhanam and Kanja Karupu plays the lead roles and Prakashraj as the Kadavul to them.

Thesiya Paravai

The comedy actor Vadivelu is crazy about doing different roles. Recently he has done the role of a historical king in the movie Imsai Arasan 23aam Pulikesi. This movie turned to be a great blockbuster. His next venture tilted Thesiya Paravai is going to be released shortly. In this movie he appears in 9 different “Get-ups”. Thesiya Paravai is produced by S. Sen Film International and directed by G. Babu Ganesh. Illayaraja has composed music for this movie.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

"I will make Vadivelu a hero again" swears the director

Even before starting on the story discussions, Shakti was smart to get Vadivelu's call sheet. What's this confidence he has in Vadivelu?

"We do not have a Charlie Chaplin, Laurel Hardy or a Jim Carrey to speak of. Nor are we likely to see an Eddie Murphy. Senthil and Gowndamani are our south Indian equivalent of Laurel and Hardy. Gowndamani tried his hand as hero in a couple of films. It did not work out and he was out of the film field twice on that account.

He then did the hero role of Chinnakalaivanar 'Panju' but Panju got punctured after a mere week. Thinking that it may be a freak result, he decided to use his fist. But the blow landed on him only as the reels gathered fungus in their boxes, without having takers.

In spite of knowing all this, Vadivelu has been brave enough to take the role of hero in 'Himsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi.' "The subject was a comedy, so I thought, why not this one film? After this, I'll come running back to comedy," says Vadivelu to all he meets. He has become hero but this panic is in case producers and directors start making a beeline to other comedians!
When such is the case, what's this about making Vadivelu a hero again?

Shakti Chidambaram has another explanation for this. "I am a comedy based director. I give great respect even to minor comedians. Vadivelu is a big comedian. He has an equally challenging role to Sathyaraj in 'Kovai Brothers.' I am determined that I will make such an actor a hero," he says in a stubborn tone.

The Vaigai cyclone has still not heard about it. When he does....!

Imsai Arasan Titbits

* This is the second movie Shankar is producing for his assistants after ‘Kadhal‘ fame Balaji Sakthivel. ‘Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi' is directed by Shankar’s associate Simbudevan.
* This is a historical movie taken in tamil after a gap of 28 years.
* Though this movie is comedy based its historical background are true.The story moves during British period when Tipu Sultan ruled in the north and Veerapandian Kattaboman and Marudu Brothers ruled in the south.
* Imsai Arasan comes as a king ruling a smaller area under Pandiya Nadu.
* To bring out the true essence of the historical period palaces , gardens and wars were shot in magnificient sets spreading across 30 acres.
* Vadivelu has a double role,Nandita,Laksha,Risha are also there but the leading lady is Monika.Tejasree acts as a water girl in the palace.
* All characters have spoken pure in historical tamil and for Naseer its a piece of cake since he has acted in dramas.
* Vadivelu has gone down since he has to practice for horse riding and stunt squences.
* It takes nearly one and half hours to finish the makeup for Imsai Arasan.
* Music is by Sabesh Mulrali and lyrics are by Pulamaipithan.

Vadivelu: Highest paid comedian

Did anyone expect a Tamil film with comedian Vadivelu as the hero to rock at the box office? No, but it is doing so. It is. Imsai Arasan 23aam Pulikesi; Director: Simbu Devan - It is a laugh riot and audiences are rolling in their seats and aisles over the antics of comedy king Vadivelu.

The actor is working round the clock trying to finish work and is rumoured to be making Rs 2 Lakhs a day-making him the highest paid daily wage owner in India. Vadivel has emerged as Tamil cinema’s numero uno comedian. From Diwali to Pongal there were about 25 releases out which half of them featured Vadivel making him the ‘king of comedy”. He also has a team of people to write his comedy tracks which was a trend started by Vivek and hence producers are able to get ‘package deals’ from him.

And Vivek’s recent decision to turn hero with Solli Adippen has also helped Vadivelu to grab all his roles.Unlike Vivek , his biggest competitor Vadivelu does not insist on being cast as a city slicker and does not irritate the hero by trying to grab the punch line dialogues from him. Added to that the “king sized ego” of Vivek has also gone in favour of Vadivel as all major heroes like Rajnikanth, Vijay, Vijaykanth, Ajit, Prashanth and even Kamal Hassan prefer Vadivel in their films. Vadivel’s success is his Madurai style of dialogue delivery, which the audience love in B and C centres. Plus he has a great PR with his producers and directors and also the heroes.

Vadivelu: Five different roles in Vyapari

What one can expect, when two director known for commercial cinema team up? Nothing but an out-and-out commercial entertainer. Shakthi Chidambaram is directing a movie titled Vyapari. S.J.Suryah is playing the lead role with Tollywood actress Tamanna. Tamanna is also starring in the movie KD. The two really hit it off with their timing and the sharp counters throwing comical punches at each other,' said Shakti.
Suryah is playing dual roles in this movie. The director said, “The dual roles performed by Suryah will not be in the usual fashion of father – son or brothers.” Another highlight of the movie will be Vadivelu playing five different roles. Some vital scenes of this movie are scheduled to be shot at the Tamilnadu – Karnataka border. Vyabari is expected to hit the floors shortly. 'The tamil comedy segments involving Vadivelu and Suriya came out so well that I had to give an extended footage.

Vadivelu tastes the Success

On October 14, the team of Tamil film, Imsai Arasan 23-am Pulikesi, celebrated 100 days of its successful run at the box office; quite a rare feat.Shankar’s Imsai Arasan 23aam Pulikesi has had a good run of more than 100 days. Vadivelu stars in two roles in this movie directed by Simbu Devan. The last Tamil film that celebrated 100 days of success was Ajith's Tirupathi directed by Perarasu.

On the 100th day of its release, Vadivelu confessed, "I was not sure how today's generation would react to such a movie. When Simbudevan approached me repeatedly, I thought he was sent by an enemy! Now I am proud that I am part of such a venture." At the function, superstar Rajnikanth hailed each and every one who was part of the film. "It does not look like his first film at all," he said, referring to Simbudevan. "It is as if it was his 100th film".

Imsai Arasan’s 100th day celebration took place at Kalaivanar Arangam on Saturday (14th October, 2006). Super star Rajinikanth presided over the function. Many film personalities and VIPs took part in this function. Producer Shankar, director Simbu Devan, actors Sathyaraj, Prabhu, Vijay, Vivek, Vadivelu and many other leading stars also participated in this event.

The actor drove away the director several times; and relented only when he learnt that the film would be produced by Shankar. Filmmaker Shankar should be applauded for giving a chance to first-time director, Simbudevan. The last film produced by Shankar's S Pictures, Kadhal, was also directed by a first-timer, Balaji Shaktivel. Shankar's faith in Balaji Shaktivel's simple story paid dividends; the movie was a huge hit. Shankar also roped in comedian Vadivelu in the lead role, in a double role, in Imsai Arasan. In fact, it was Vadivelu who did not believe in the director or the offbeat story of kings and queens.

Vadivelu advices Vivek

Vadivelu, who has earned the sobriquet 'Vaigai Puyal' since he hails from Madurai, follows Koundamani's way of thinking that shouting out a piece of dialog automatically makes it funny. It is Vivek who is undoubtedly the biggest star on the comedy marquee today. He has been around for a long time too but it was the 1999 hit Vaali that brought him into focus. It's been fourteen long years since 'Vaigai Puyal' stationed firmly in Kodambakkam. So far he had acted in 325 movies. Now he is having 25 films in hand.

After Vivek changed track and become an 'Hero' Vadivelu is getting too many offers. In the posters of recently released Arjun starrer ,Giri, Vadivelu commands center space, Arjun, Reema Sen , Ramya are relegated into second place. This is due to the fact that, the main 'plus point' of the movie is Vadivelu's comedy. Vadivelu, to his credit, though he had scaled new heights, he still has few good humane qualities left in him. Many have tried to create enimity between himself and Vivek, he remains un affected and continue to be 'Mister clean'.

Recently, he called up Vivek and gave him a very valuable advice. "You(Vivek) are a good comedian; Just because you have started to act as hero, don't "Stop acting in comedy roles". And “Comedy has always been an inseparable part of tamil movies. Entertaining the audience is the primary purpose of movies and while any good movie can be entertaining, a successful comedy is probably at the top of the list as far as providing entertainment goes”. Vivek is 'touched' by this sincere advice. Whenever anybody asked Vadivelu, whether he is a rival to Vivek as a Tamil comedian, he answers nonchalantly" My color is black and he is fair, how can I be a rival to him? Lets hope that the comic well never dries up and we have a lot more laughs both in reel life and in real life.

Vadivelu-Parthiban duo:Ready for more?

Parthiban and Vadivelu make an interesting combo with their comic wisecracks and cheeky exchanges. When actors Parthiban and Vadivelu combine on screen, the audience can certianly expect a laugh-riot. Films like Vettri Kodikatu and Bharathy Kannama are a proof to this.

Also with parthiban when he asks Parthiban where he lived in Dubai, Parthiban says No: 6, Vivekanandar salai, Thubai kurukkuchanthu, Thubai.... before vadi crossing more..he asks if he weren't a scavenger there in Dubai... this kid gets startled and asks how did he know about it... he says that was a plain guess...



After a brief intreval, the duo comes together again for another movie titled Thala Tharuthalai. While Parthiban plays Thalai, Vadivelu plays Tharuthalai. This fun-filled film with Parthiban at the back of Vadivelu all through will go to floors by the middle of this year.

Tamil superstar Rajnikant is not known to repeat ...

Tamil superstar Rajnikant is not known to repeat heroines or comedians in his films. But Shivajirao Gaekwad (Rajni's real name) has made an exception in the case of Tamil comedian Vadivelu. Impressed by Vadivelu's work in Chandramukhi, Rajnikant has decided to feature Vadivelu in his forthcoming film, ‘Sivaji’ too. While everything else about the movie is just about adequate, the exception is Vadivelu, who is outstanding. The scenes featuring Rajini and Vadivelu keep the audience in splits. The self-appointed custodians of the Tamil language and culture are getting their day under the sun. Story and screenplay are the mainstays while Rajini is only a tool. The buzz is that director Shankar, at the prompting of the superstar, approached Vadivelu and signed him up for ‘Sivaji’ as well. Needless to say, Vads is in the seventh heaven right now, overwhelmed by the gesture of Rajnikant. The Rajni gesture would give a big boost to Vadivelu, who has already left other comedians in Kollywood like Vivek far behind.Congratulations, Vads!!!